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It is a shame, when I have been speaking or writing for a while, I am not able to write or speak any organized sentences, most of them are inverted sentences. Maybe my mind is so full, maybe I have a lot of things to do at the same time. I am sorry, it has been long time to write here, I am sorry, yes you are right, it is a shame.

When I realized that I was neglecting here, I found plan B for website. I have friends who are not going to let me down. I asked them to cover me in the website. Fortunately, they shared their arts with me on I think that I am quite lucky for friendship.

Where am I?
 I am writing these sentences far away from İstanbul. There are mandarins that grow in Terranova da Sibari and banana is from Ecuador on the table. I am in Calabria, best chili pepper.
 Still, I am experiencing different stories abroad, nevertheless, my Italian’s days are quite interesting and weird. Never mind, Thank Allah, I keep fighting for my future career.
Daily Phone Calls
I would like to share one of the daily phone calls that was last week, I was on phone with one of my close friends.
Me: “I shared a post on frommyperspective1710 (Instagram page), did you see it?”
- “Oh Yeah, it is amazing, I think that it could be the best photo in your page”
Me: “Thank you very much mate, when I get positive feedbacks from my friends, feedbacks make me happy for sharing photos”
- “Ozzie, why do not share your’ photos on one of website? It could be amazing for you!”
Me:” I already have website that is named Did not you know that?”
- “Oh Yeah, you have website, I totally forgot it” …

In fact, she had to remember that I have a web-site. This is because when I shared my last article for, she was with me in the library.
However, she does not remember that day. Let’s be honest, It was quite normal, it had been 11 months to publish any writing. At the end of the day, daily phone call hurt me deeply in that she forgot my website.

11 Months 
So what happened in 11 months? I met super nice people, I had super cool stories. Consequently, some of my friends chose another way in their life, some of them were welcoming to my life or some of them have stayed permanently in my life. I can tell it from my heart “ I am so grateful for everyone.”

In 11 months, I made 3 short movies and 6 trip vlog videos for oguzhan1710. I shared 34 photos on Instagram, I wrote 500 tweets. I tried to share my life with my friends.
Seriously, when we share our lives on social media, do we really share reality or not on platforms?  When I ask myself then I can say yes I am sharing what I want to share that is real in platforms. This is because I have no reason to share something which is not real in my life. To be honest, if I shared something which is not real my life, my followers could be 100000 times more on social platforms. In my opinion, people who do not share their reality in their platforms, probably have many reasons to share fake life.

When I mention reality, it reminded me of Slavoj Zizek. He said “Welcome to the Desert of Real.”  I heard that sentence from Morpheus when I was watching Matrix. The point is that sometimes social platforms look like the desert of real for me. Platforms are Matrix, and users upload different software with their contents. However, contents hide reality. I have no idea if you agree with me or not, but I am inviting you to have a safari in my desert that does not hide reality. was in fallow, I discovered new stories with no breaks. I discovered England starting with Leeds and New York and then I wandered Liverpool, Manchaster, Newcastle, Durham, Edinburg, Hogmanay’18, Tantallon Castle, Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Glenco, Knaresborough, Scarborough, Whitby, Harrogate, Kendal, Lancaster, Blackpool, Sunderland, Lake District National Park, Cambridge, Bath, Brighton, Canterbury, Stonehenge, Seven-Sisters Mountain, Hull City and London.
I can hear you asking, did i managed to graduate from school while traveling that many places at the same time? Thank Allah, yes i did managed to finish it succesfully.

How Ozzie?
Let’s start this journey from the beginning. I took the University exam twice and managed to place in my department at the second try, but the university suspended my registration for 6 months since i’m an additional replacement so i went to a Language course at that 6 months. I took prep class for half semester, gave Ielts and Toefl, skipped prep class at the last moment. Things did not go pretty well at the first year in my department. I was the department’s DD champion and i barely managed to put my grade-point avarage together in the second and third year. Then, I was supposed to continue my education in Leeds Beckett but things didn’t work out allright once again. I was supposed to take Ielts again so i took it many times. It took me one year. Finally i made it to Leeds Business School and graduated.

Graduating cost me some time of course. My nephew was 3.5 years old when i went to Eskişehir from İstanbul. She was in fourth grade by the time i graduated. Actually, i talked to her just an hour ago: ‘’ I have an exam tomorrow for education of religion and ethics uncle’’, she said. We may not want to be aware of the passing years, but something or someone makes us realize it eventually.

These are all for now. While i returned to İstanbul from England, I hoped for a life changing sentence from life so i could write it here. One of my friends’ Whatsapp status gave me the one i expected. It goes:
‘’Don’t stop, remind me of yourself.’’ (Turgut Uyar )
Here i am, once again.
I don’t stop. I started to remind myself again, from one body to thousands of souls.

 Oğuzhan Uzun

Thanks for translate collabration Sude Özbulun


  1. This is a nice website bro',I appreciate you,way to go!
    By the way,this is Erhan Taş and you know me.See you! Arrivederci!

  2. It's good. It's telling fluency what you lived.


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