It is not a piece of cake to say goodbye to someone who is in a good relationship with you.
I am in a good relationship with the World.

How often do you invite a guest in your home? Once in a week or once in a month?

   If we looked more deeply for the guest experience, host and guest could have unforgettable memories each other. I mean sharing emotions, sharing stories, sharing fun, sharing victory, sharing failure, sharing laugh, sharing dram, sharing experience…These are unforgettable memories that make people think that life is worth to live. 

Why I emphasize guest experience above?
Because “We are guest on the planet.” 
You should remind yourself, after you should remind other people who are in the world. "We are just guests in the world".

There is critical point that even the world is hospitable for humanity, however humanity behaves rudely to the world. These rude behaviors are keep rising dramatically. Yet, if you do not understand, I can help you to see the seriousness of the issue.

Pollution is one of the issues in the world and there is no doubt that it is the most important one. Moreover, there are many issues such as Wars, Nepotism, Selfishness, Cupidity, not know how you can be happy, incomprehension…

 I can assure you that  I am not someone who is working for Greenpeace. I am the someone.
” When you are invited someone’s home, do you shit on the carpet? When you are invited someone’s home, do you steal other guest’s cookies? When you have invited someone’s home do you kick ass another guests?

All the problems that faced by humanity in the world are related to forgetting being guest in the world. We supposed that we are immortal, this was the main issues that I mentioned above are going to raise day by day if we do not stop. Moreover, new problems will have created, and new problems and problems mutate for the planet. 


 I am a guest of the world and I have been guest experience in different nationalities. Since 2015, I have been 12 countries such as the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, France, PolandI experienced different hosting stories. Then, I can highlight different observations of all my hosting stories.

The reason why I am emphasizing my guest experiences that is to help me understand being a guest in the world.

I have improved that the World’s guest idea with the help of good people on the planet. Even I realized that it was not hard to find good people in the world.You can come across with them anywhere in the world.

Last but not least why do people forget being guest in the world?

From my perspective firt one is forgetting being a hospitality person. Racism is everywhere and people supposed that they are king in the World, they are owner of the World.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
 In reality, in order to not understand each other, we built boundaries.
 As a guest, we become thoughtless, heart breaker, heartless. We start to become someone who likes to make suffer. 
We are trying to make the world uninhabitable
In order to not understand each other, we built boundaries.
We did not listen to each other. 
We acted impulsively
We are extremely jealous
We are lazy,
We stole it,
We could not keep staying as a good person.

There is no doubt, you know why all of the above happened and will be happening. We know what we do and what should we do.

Final touch
When you go to someone as a guest, 
you do not shit middle of a lounge.
Please do not shit middle of the World.

Best Regards





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