sharing victory etiketine sahip yayınlar gösteriliyor


It is not a piece of cake to say goodbye to someone who is in a  good relationship  with you. I am in a good relationship with the World. How often do you invite a guest in your home? Once in a week  or once in a month?    If we looked more deeply for the guest experience, host and guest could have unforgettable memories each other. I mean sharing emotions, sharing stories, sharing fun, sharing victory, sharing failure, sharing laugh, sharing dram, sharing experience…These are unforgettable memories that make people think that life is worth to live.  Why I emphasize guest experience above? Because “We are guest on the planet .”  You should remind yourself, after you should remind other people who are in the world. " We are just guests in the world". There is critical point that even the world is hospitable for humanity, however humanity behaves rudely to the world. These rude behaviors are keep rising dramatically. Yet, if you do not understand,