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Organized Sentences

Intro It is a shame, when I have been speaking or writing for a while, I am not able to write or speak any organized sentences, most of them are inverted sentences. Maybe my mind is so full, maybe I have a lot of things to do at the same time. I am sorry, it has been long time to write here, I am sorry, yes you are right, it is a shame. When I realized that I was neglecting here, I found plan B for website. I have friends who are not going to let me down. I asked them to cover me in the website. Fortunately, they shared their arts with me on www.oguzhanuzun.com . I think that I am quite lucky for friendship. Where am I?   I am writing these sentences far away from İstanbul. There are mandarins that grow in Terranova da Sibari and banana is from Ecuador on the table. I am in Calabria, best chili pepper.   Still, I am experiencing different stories abroad, nevertheless, my Italian’s days are quite interesting and weird. Never mind, Thank Allah, I keep fig