Hello Yellowstone Family

Before you leave Turkey, I need to make a statement about your needs

1)Real Friendship

5)Do more than is expected from you (Visa process is really serious issue)

2)Focus more(tickets,places)

3)Keep going(opposite ideas)

4)Think beyond(gift)

     I was really nervous about my trip. Before everything has happened, I had many nightmares about my visa period.

    Unfortunately, terroists attacked to Paris, at the same time I applied for visa.

    It is undeniable fact that  some of Europe Union countries have suspicion about turkish citizen: "they may have relationship terroist group."

    It is very bad idea and it is offensive behavior.

   They might fear our nation or any muslim countries, but they should fear “person” who is related Terroism because terroism do not have any nation.

   In fact , I also fear for visiting World because Terrorism is everywhere that is why any religion should not be characterized with terrorism. 

Fortunately, Czech Republic gave to visa for my trip.


“Thank you” for my brothers and  my parents. They have supportted financially me.

No matter your age...You always need your Mom

In addition, ” I did it “... 

I have many friends which support this idea that "you should not go to Czech and Poland."

They said :” Where are you going middle of semester “, “You already finished your money in USA.”...” you are selfish,You will need money for bla bla ..” and bla bla

There is no doubt , I was affected by opposite ideas however I  have already missed my yellowstone Family.


If I decide to go somewhere, I would do anything to go...

I was in Prag,Poznan,Warsaw And Berlin.

Of course I was not alone, I was with little my cousion “Meltem”. She is a good trip friend.

Lets write about my Yellowstone Family !

Are you ready for meet new people ?

I want to start with Our Queen.

Queen Alijca

When I was leaving from Poznan ,she hug me 3 minutes.
I have learned form the life that If someone hug you during 3 minutes in the time, please do not lose that person.

We had good time in Poznan .

” She gave to me good energy in Poznan ...       I cannot define with sentence that energy..I just felt..I just feeling still..I do not know what am going to do with this energy but I know that ; when she come to Istanbul , I will give back."

Alijca is best hospitality person in Poznan.
When I think memories with Alijca and Wojtek , My heart is going to be warm...

She is Our Khaleesi.

She is Our Queen.

She is Our Leader.(Just for Poland)

Mr. Bilicki

Mayo Mayo...Mayonez

I can meet good people around world...
Is it possible or not ? I have no idea...

But Wojtek Bilicki is best polish man in the World.

You know what !
 It was not about for visiting Poznan .
  We spent 100 days in Yellowstone.
  It is noticeable situation is that some of people do not visit their parents or their relatives.    When I think about my relationship this couple(Alijca and Wojtek), we look like family.

   We were together 100 days.
   Hey !
   I  am writting about all of days.do you have any friend which spent time 100 days ?
   My mathematic say that 100 days is equal minimum 4 years for friendship
   Maybe more who knows !

If you have any friendship with Mr.Bilicki , 
He can do everything what you need

He is real gentleman.

He is Creative-Technology.

He is good brother.

In conclusion, If I had chance to choose brother freedomly in the World,
I would choose Mr.Bilicki

Thanks for Hospitality

Keep it black ball.

David And Linda

david and linda are my heroes without them I could not come to Europe.

They sent to me invatation letter.

They really worked for letter , it was tough process.

 “ They did it” .

I am really thankfullness for this couple.

They are from Czech and they are cutest couple in Yellowstone.

Linda is clever.
Linda is very kind.
Linda is good leader.

One day , I will have company in Czech . Furthermore, Linda will be my manager in Czech Office.
If she say okay.

David is best positive guy in Czech.
David is very kind.
David is lover...

One day I am gonna back Prag for their wedding...

Of course... If I get invatition letter again (RADIM TURN)...

They are really hospitality people.


I dont know why
I really like when I argued with him about religions.

He is really clever.
He is scientific man.
He is hospitality.
He is %100 honest.

Let me write “Honest Story”

While was radim working in kitchen . I always visited to him and I gave to information about Turkish girls. 

One day

I told him:”Why did you come to here with your girl friend ?
...You are idiot...
...something like that...

End of the this conversation "He laughed me..."

(Of course all of story was joke. I respect to Martina . Radim already found true LOVE )

When we ate something in prag, I was talking to same story(above).
It is my real ideas , I changed figures Martina and Turkish girls.
I had to change it , I also had not idea which Martina could react to me...

Radim explained all of story to everyone.(interesting)
He said ozzy told me " you came to yellowstone with your girlfriend and you are idiot."

Martina did not say to me, she is understanable person.

I am really lucky to meet with Radim

He is hospitality person  because during the trip during they slept on the floor no one do it for me
They are really special for me.


She is really funny girl
She is clever
She is kind

The Important thing is about martina , she is really compatible woman.

When I say “ Shall we visit this buildings?” ...She always said “Sure .“(compatible woman)

She is hospitality person because during the trip they slept on the floor no one do it for me. They are really special for me.


While I was eating hamburger, I just asked randomly to meltem "Would you like to come Prag with me ? "

I did not know that she is really bad for finding adress but she is iron lady ( I was sick , She is okay MaşAllah)

She is obstinate person 
She is funny.
She is starsbucker.

When we were goint to Poznan , She lost mobile phone on bus.(POLSKI BUS)

"Of course she did not realize "

We met Alijca , we were going to alijca's home, she realized that " Oğuzzzzzz"

She cried in English language(it was really strange for me)  : “ Omg....” "Omg...."

Why did not cry : “ Allah Allah... “

Fortunately, she founded phone when I slept on sofa...

Our hero Wojtek took mobile phone from Polski bus.

Yellowstone Family + Bonus


Who is Zehra ???
She was in Erasmus.
She did not miss to meet me that is why she is altruistic person.

Altruistic person
Renunciative person
Self sacrificing person

It was really good moment to meet with zehra in prag.

Thank you for coming dude


She is helpfull

She is beneficent

She is promising

If you meet Elcin you can say:

Turkish women already been upgraded”

We had some problem about warsaw trip ,fortunately elcin helped us.

“Kill two birds with one stone”

What' s the point ?

Get good friends
Get real friends
Care about your friends

Why ?

Your wealth is where your friend are(Platus)...Stay away Troubles 

Dignity and honor are with us.


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